...on my website. Currently this website is still under construction, so it is still a bit empty here (and no clue when that might eventually change TBH). I at least plan to share some information about my programming projects as well as my self-composed music here at some point in the (distant?) future.

I would be happy if you would drop by in some time again! Surely, some things will have changed here until then...

Cheers - spacegaier

Last updates / news

"Imprint" and "About me" implemented

So, the imprint existed for quite some time already, but now it fits the rest of the website. The page "About me" was newly created and gives a basic overview about my person and this website.

User options now changeable

All users of this homepage, who have a valid account here, will now see an extra menu point where they can change their password and their mail adress. If additional user settings are desired, I will implement them as well.

RSS feed available

Since some minutes ago, the new news RSS feed for this homepage is working, in which I will inform you about everything going on here. The link to it can be found in the top right corner next to the language selection flags.

As the rest of the homepage, the RSS feed is available in German as well as in English. Depending on which language you use for visiting the page, you will get the corresponding feed.

Login system implemented

The login system is working now. If you are logged in now (and therefore have an account with the needed rights) some extra functionalities to manipulate the page can be used.

News system implemented

The news system is running from this minute on. From now on, all changes (both content of the website as well as changes on the website itself) will be announced here. Later, these news will also be available as a RSS news feed.

Multi-language feature implemented

Finally, the whole website is multi-lingual now (english & german). Every text is from now on available in both variants and the language switching via the flags on top of the website does also work.

Development retaken

After quite a long pause, the development has been put back into action. The layout and design of this homepage are now finished and the basic database things are completed. Be prepared for more...