About me

About me...

I am not one for plastering the whole world wide web with personal information, so just the broad strokes here:

I studied Business Informatics at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University Karlsruhe (as it is now officially called) and afterwards went on to work for SAP Germany. Beginning of 2013, I then co-founded a small SAP consulting company named bpcompass GbmH, which takes up pretty much all of my time.

Much of the little free time remaining, also revolves around IT topics, especially 3D graphics has become one of my major interests. The rest is eaten up by the second hobby: Music. As far as time allows, I wail away on anything with keys and give my drum kit a good trashing and from time to time I even work on some smaller composing / home recording projects of mine. Which genre? Well, a little bit of everything, but one genre I keep getting back top is definitely film scores.

About some of these projects, I want to talk a bit here on this website, which leads us to the second section...

...and this homepage.

As many other people before me, I eventually wanted to learn a bit about web programming too, and finally even create my own homepage. Soon the first versions were created, but these have nothing in common with the current website anymore. What started as an inflexible, static HTML construct, nowadays became a mostly dynamic generated webpage (thanks to PHP and MySQL).

Most of the stuff going on under the hood is completely hidden from the regular users, not to mention the highly secret, password protected sections where all the good stuff is. Generally speaking, this website developed into a small, custom content management system over time, which is 100%-ly self-made. Why you might ask? Well, most of the existing turnkey solutions out there are overloaded, big and try to be as generic as possible. I personally prefer something tiny yet superb, that perfectly fits in here. Basically, a classical case of "reinventing the wheel"...let's say for education purposes.